Is there email tracking of activity in

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I use thunderbird as my desktop email client, and I Read almost all posts that come in.

Would it be possible on either Ask or Forum to have all new posts emailed out?  That way at least I could see what is happening on a topic.  Email response is nice, but at least I would like to know what is being discussed.

I see the option to have an email sent if a post comes to a question that I have created (I have not answered any, so don't know if that option is there as well).  But I learn a lot by reading other people's questions and answers.


asked May 24, 2017 in Testing by Snoopy (120 points)

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Forum ( allows to set all categories to "watching" and then you will get e-mails from every new post, see
answered May 25, 2017 by admin (9,260 points)
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Amibroker Q&A has an RSS feed for new posts.

I use to send me emails of new items on RSS feeds. I've been using it for several years, ever since Google Reader was discontinued. I prefer it over RSS reader applications because it allows me to use my normal email client to read the RSS feeds.
answered May 26, 2017 by rharmelink (200 points)