watchlist management

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Hi, is there a way to create sub directories within the watchlist directory. I subscribe to ASX Premium data (from Norgate Investor Services) who provide many watchlists as part of their data download. I find my personal watchlists get "lost" in the many that ASX Premium provide.

Is there a way I can keep my personal watch lists in a sub directory to the ones provided my ASX Premium data.

Many Thanks

asked Jul 8, 2017 in AmiBroker by Wayne

1 Answer

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No, there are no subdirectories in watch lists.

Norgate should rather use sectors/industries, GICS and ICB instead of watchlists. It was explained many times to them that watch lists are for CUSTOMER use not for data vendor, but they are ignoring this advice.

In this situation you may use favorites or groups for your own use.
answered Jul 10, 2017 by anonymous