Is the data downloaded from tiingo actual prices or adjusted prices? Looks like both are available.

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Tiingo looks like a great alternative now that Yahoo data is problematic with their only adjusting closing prices for dividends.

Both actual and adjusted price EOD data is available from tiingo. Is it possible to specify which we want when downloading data from them?
asked Jul 5, 2017 in AmiQuote by Eric

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Currently AmiQuote(v.3.20) downloads adjusted prices from Tiingo.

We could add raw price capability if desired in next update.
answered Jul 5, 2017 by admin (9,260 points)
Potentially useful to have access to both if it is not too much trouble. No rush.  Very grateful to have access to Tiingo adjusted data for now, and so quickly after having asked. Thank you.
Ok, used Tiingo some now for data. Very happy with this as an alternative to the Yahoo mess. Would suggest all previous Yahoo data users look into Tiingo as an alternative.

One thing I have noticed when using it. The data comes through pretty slow. Watching the Tiingo usage vs. limits gauges on the Tiingo web site -- no where near their limits. Is it possible to speed up the downloads from their web site in AmiQuote?
It is slower than Yahoo because
a) Yahoo has stronger servers / better infrastructure
b) Tiingo sends data in JSon format (which is way more verbose than CSV).
On average Tiingo needs to send 3x more bytes than Yahoo to deliver same date range.

You can not speed up Tiingo server response times on your side but you can use multiple simultaneous downloads - go to the Settings and increase number of simultaneous requests
Thank you for the explanation and tip on using multiple simultaneous downloads.