Import of stock data

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I have issue importing stock data in txt format - any time frame (daily, minute). Futures (for example YM) are without any problems, but stock (for example AAPL, ETFs...) are not imported. I use the same procedure as for futures, but when trying to plot the chart, I see info "Not enough data available". Also when running backtest on imported stock data, I receive message "The symbol has no data".

Can someone advise?

Thank you.

asked Jun 9, 2017 in Data sources by Marek Sedlacek

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The message means what it says - there are NO data for this symbol, which means that no data were imported successfully. The format you have used was incorrect or there was no data in the text file or the data were improperly formatted. Check the import.log file for error messages.
answered Jun 9, 2017 by anonymous
Thanks for suggestions.
I´ve checked the log - no error message there.
Imported file (1.5 MB) contains data (I can see it in preview in import wizard)
Import runs without any warning pop-ups.
Ticker is empty as result.

I use the same settings during the whole process as for futures. Export from Trade Station to txt and import to AB...