^GSPC and other index symbols don't work using AB 6.22 and AQ 3.21with Yahoo EOD [closed]

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Hi - I did see that the question was asked before. However, it doesn't seem to work now with AB 6.22 and AQ 3.21

I have tried multiple index symbols starting with "^" and none of them seem to work. I don't have problems with regular stock symbols. I did notice in the historical data downloads page in Yahoo that all the symbols starting with "^" get represented by the following symbol prefix in the https query:  %5E plus the symbol. For example, ^GSPC is represented by: %5EGSPC  

I don't know if that is relevant information or not.

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AmiQuote 3.21 works perfectly here (just checked AmiQuote 3.21 and ^GSPC).

Or you may not be running AQ 3.21 at all (check ABOUT window) - because AMiBroker 6.22 does NOT come with AQ3.21.

If something does work on your end it is your firewall/antivirus playing games with you and blocking normal operation of Windows and apps.

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Verified that I'm using a registered version AQ 3.21.
Are you suggesting that firewall/antivirus in Win 10/64 only lets regular stock symbols through, but not the index symbols?
I have seen so many strange things that antiviruses do that nothing will ever surprise me http://www.amibroker.com/kb/2014/10/01/third-party-software-black-list/

3rd party antiviruses hook into OS and simply break many things. That is why we recommend Microsoft Defender/Security Essentials.
MS is most likely NOT to break their own OS.
What settings in MS Defender/Security Essentials have been verified to work?

I checked that there is no 3rd party antivirus tools installed.  I did discover that the problem does not exist when running AQ standalone rather than from within AB 6.22. If I create tickers in AQ standalone and then start AB then it works going forward. The problem seems to occur when ticker symbols are created from within AB and then try to download. It is problematic for all new ticker symbols, not just "^" based tickers as earlier stated. The reason I thought that only "^" tickers were problematic, was that the other symbols were existing symbols and downloaded fine.  So it appears that the problem might be in the ticker creation inside of AB.