Does AmiBroker import virtuals coin prices? (like bitcoin, ethereum and others).

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Does AmiBroker import virtuals coin prices? (like bitcoin, ethereum and others).

Is it the same way for stock market companies or is there something different? Thank you
asked Jun 27, 2017 in AmiQuote by Danny

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answered Jun 27, 2017 by fxshrat (1,200 points)
Thanks. The question was, in fact, if I buy the Ultimate Pack, does it include the virtual coin end-of-the-day prices, intra-day prices or none? I understand it includes a lot of stocks. But what about coins? Also, does the user have to import manually or is it an automated data import? If it's automated, how does it work: you create a list of stocks and it automatically imports the data? Thank you! I am from Europe and interested also in EU stocks.
If that was the question then why didn't you ask it that way in the first post?
You question has been "Does AmiBroker import..."
My response "Yes it imports..."

Now, your 2nd question was whether it has virtual coin data readily included in the setup's default data base. No, it hasn't but you can easily import it from several sources. How to import I have already explained in my first response.
Yes, you can import manually or automatically (OLE or via AB's ADK (to create custom connection to some 3rd party data vendor of your choice) or if setup included vendors such as IQFeed, esignal, Quandl, Google etc. provide virtual coin data then you may use one of those ones).

FYI, AmiBroker are NOT a data vendor. It can connect to several (realtime) data vendors or can import offline data (ASCII) from offline data vendors.
OK, thank you very much for the details.
Where can I find a reliable source of data? Please don't send me to Google, i know how to use it, but Google doesn't tell you who to trust. Also, how do other users work with AmyQuote? Where do they get there data from? Is it a free source or does everyone pay for that data? Thank you.
Free data can not be trusted the same way as commercial data vendors. It is just that... free data... just look at recent mess a Yahoo finance. No one seems to care...

As for commercial ones.
Good source for EOD are Norgate premium data.
Good source for realttime data are IQFeed.