How to export customized CSV file(walk-fowarding)? [closed]

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After do the walk-foward we can get this report .

(If there is no picture , you can click link :

I know that I can export the report like this :


//Create Folder
posFolder = "C:\\DataExport";

bo = GetBacktesterObject();

bo.Backtest();    // Run backtests
st = bo.GetPerformanceStats(0);
filename = posFolder+"\\PosData_"+StrFormat("%6.0f_%6.0f",Now(3)+1900*10000,Now(4))+".csv";

fh = fopen( filename, "w");
qs = StrFormat( "%g, %g, %g\n",st.GetValue("NetProfit") ,st.GetValue("Maxsystemdrawdown"),st.GetValue("NetProfitPercent") );
    fputs( qs, fh );
    fclose( fh ); 


But it only can get the data when I did the "backtest"

I dont know how to write my code to export "walk-foward report" .

What function that I can get the report value?(like "Mode","Begin"...etc)

Please dont tell pick the "export file ",then I can export CSV file.

I want to write code and I can export report file (walk-fowarding).


asked Jun 16, 2017 in AmiBroker by Parsons Hsu
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