Could AmiQuote be extended to download historical dividend data from Yahoo to a separate file?

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Thank you for your previous answers on this subject.  My new question involves an extension of the AmiQuote functionality.  A simple example:

The user downloads historical price data from Yahoo for Apple using AmiQuote, as usual.  In the AmiQuote user interface, "Download Yahoo Historical Dividend Data With Price Data" (a new box) is checked.  This instructs AmiQuote to also automatically collect each symbol's dividend data for the same time period as the price data and place it in a separate text file.

The last ten years of dividend data (for example) for Apple is then collected from in the same manner as the Yahoo historical price data and placed in a text file with a descriptive and corresponding name such as "AAPL Historical Dividends.csv" or something similar.

Now the price data and dividend data can be used programmatically by the user to adjust the Yahoo historical price data for dividends.  Is this extension feasible in your development schedule?

asked Jun 2, 2017 in AmiQuote by Dave

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Maybe. I don't know yet. I would need to investigate it because as always the devil is in the details.
answered Jun 2, 2017 by anonymous
This sounds potentially very positive.  The concept could be extended to the historical split data available at the same area on Yahoo.  With both the historical dividend and split data, other (unadjusted) data sources could be utilized and back adjusted by the user.  Thanks for investigating.