Yahoo Historical stopped working in AmiQuote

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AmiQuote Yahoo Historical quote download stopped working.
asked May 22, 2017 in AmiQuote by anonymous
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In May 2017 Yahoo Finance started making changes to their web services. During this time certain services may be interrupted or broken.

Three AmiQuote functionalities are affected by recent Yahoo changes

  1. Yahoo Historical download – the old CSV download API is broken at Yahoo Finance. Fix is available in v3.14
  2. Yahoo Fundamental Extra – the API has been changed. Fix is available in v3.14
  3. Yahoo Intraday download – API does not respond. No fix available at the moment

We already have prepared new version 3.14 that solves problems (1, 2) related to recent Yahoo changes.
This early version 3.14 is currently available only to registered AmiQuote users having active support & maintenance package.
See: for the details.

For more information about free Yahoo quotes see:

answered May 22, 2017 by admin (9,260 points)
the historical price of HSI (Hang Sang Index) is not yet fixed through Amiquote 3.14 .  Please help
I upgraded to the AMibroker version 6.20.1 in late February, and I just returned home after being away for a few days.  I went to do a historical download it it would not work.  I downloaded the upgraded AmiQuote version, and it is telling me I need to register.  I put in my User Name and Key, but it says it is not valid, and want me to purchase the upgrade.... is this right?  I have not even had the upgraded software for 6 months.   

Thanks in advance,
AmiQuote registration is completely SEPARATE from AmiBroker.
You have license for AmiBroker but not for AmiQuote.